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as diverse and far flunk as the defendant department? joining us is david wennergren, the department's assistant deputy chief management officer. sir, welcome to the program. >> thank you. >> so your office was created co help drive the efficiencies across the department. and the goal is to save $60 billion overall. how do you do that? is it by making minor changes to just about everything, for example, legacy programs? is it through sweeping major reforms? is it eliminating work? what is the strategic approach you guys are taking to save money? >> it takes a little bit of all those things. it's a big organization, 3.5 million people spread around the world. the i.t. budget alone is 38 billion, we spend 7 billion on the department. one interesting thing about being a changed leader in the office is that there are so many business lines, and so big, and so you have the large functioning organizations, financial management, human resources, you have the large organizations, military departments, defense agencying. in getting them to think they could focus on different outcomes, and act
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1